Day 37: Uncle Hamid Marriage

Today is Friday 13 March 2009. Actually it's not uncle Hamid marriage's day. Because he's already married a month ago. Today he'll come home along with his spouse, aunt Lutfiyah Rohma. We 're waiting until at 2 o'clock when he and his delegate arrive in PP Alkhoirot Karangsuko.

Dad says that uncle Hamid and aunt Lutfiyah will stay in aunt Lutfiyah's house to run the pesantren there. So, his coming here is just for introducing his couple to family and neighbors and also it's part of our tradition to celebrate a wedding party twice that is in bride house first and then in the groom home later.

Mom and gramma carried me to meet with the women guesses as they may be the only persons here who speak fluent javanese. I try hard not to cry and ask for breastfeed. I try to be calm until the proceeding is done.

And I got accolade for that from people around including from mom and gramma.

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