Day Thirty One: Going to Pediatrician

Gramma suddenly decided this morning to bring me to Wava Husada Hospital in Kepanjen (south of Malang) to make sure whether the lump in my left neck is something to worry about or not. Mom and Dad agree (of course they have to).

So, at about 9 am we went first to BKM Nursing Home also in Kepanjen. The pediatrician specialist there is not present. We then going right away to Wava Husada Hospital, about 2 km from BKM Nursing Home.

In short, the pediatrician named dr. April diagnosed me and decided that the lump in my left neck is not a problem. It's ok. The doctor even told us that he himself had such lump in his neck since his childhood.

Gramma, mum and dad all are in real relief. They seem so happy. Dad even kisses me over and over. I am touching and thrilled. But I pretend not to care much about it. I close my eyes. Thanks God.

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