Day Thirty

The plan to bring me to an alternative therapy expert turn out to be unreal. I mean, gramma seems so doubtful to bring me to such 80 km journey in my 30 days of age. So, again she consults the elderly neighbor as to what if she brings me to the therapist after I reach selapan (36 days) old? The elderly, called Mbah Was, said it's ok. No problem so far as there's no complain from me i.e. I am not crying too much in between. Mbah Was also advise mom to give me "mother's own therapy" by putting her morning saliva to where the lump in my left neck is. Mom does just that this morning. My long journey to Tulungagung, therefore, delayed until about next week.

A good news comes from my mom whose swelling eyelid has disappeared. Thanks God. I'm happy. Dad even happier.

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