Day 60: Mom to Pediatrician

Mom (and dad ofcourse) is going to pediatrician (Bidan Bu Susi) at Kepanjen to check her stomach ache. It's ok, says the pediatrician, "It's just because you're too tired breastfeed your baby." Bu Susi gives her some pills, vitamins mostly, to consume.

Wish mom get well soon so that she may breastfeed me with comfort. As I depend almost 100 percent to her, it'll be a doomsday if she's sick and can't breastfeed me.

Oh on way home, dad bought a set of chairs (three chairs, of course with the table) made from rattan. It worths IDR 1 mio (around USD 100). It placed at front house for male guess. He seems like it so much.

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