Day 61: Dad Purchase Car

Today dad is going out a lot. He seems busy arranging to buy a new car. With uncle Ali (and the seller) they went to Malang to arrange for leasing in ACC. Dad leave for Malang from Nine to almost 1 pm. At 2 pm leave again to ACC with uncle Ali until 6 pm. So, I miss him a lot today. Mom also does.

The car is Isuzu Panther Grand Royale 1997. The condition is still good, says Misran the car service owner of Brongkal. And the price (IDR 76 mio) is nice.

So, dad bought it yesterday. The car now at our home. I'd like to have a try tomorrow with mom (dad the driver) to go to gramma house again. To stay one night there and (mom) wanted to meet with Bude (aunt) Zubaidah. Used to call Bude Jub (javanese cannot say Z).

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