Day 76: Day Four I do not Poop

It's the fourth day I don't poop. Mom and dad start to worry on this. They phone the pediatrician, Bu Susi, to make an appointment but she was not at home right now. Her assistant ask dad to call them back after a few hours. The problem is the cars are not available right now. One is used by uncles Ali and Hamid to Madura while another by uncle Ja'far to Tirtomoyo popularly known as Persil. May be we'll go to Bu Susi tomorrow to make sure what's problem with me unable to poop.

Meanwhile, mom's flu is cured. Thanks God it's cured before I got contagious from her. Dad seems fully recover too from his flu and fever. Dad always makes a joke that his fever might be of kuching ngunyah (actually he wants to say chikungunya).

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