Day 77: Day Five Do not Poop

It's the fifth day I don't poop. Mom and dad are afraid. They brings me to pediatrician again. She brings mom medication to consume.

It don't effect to me still. I don't poop. Instead it's mom who poop a lot due to consume that medicine. Mom asks dad if she needs to continue, dad says yes she should.

Day a bit relief about this after he found a nice article on this poop thing:

Babies that don’t poop for several days

Once your baby is about one month old, he may start having fewer bowel movements. If your baby is breastfed, he may go several days to a week without having a bowel movement. This is nothing to worry about. Exclusively breastfed babies rarely have problems with constipation. If he goes longer than a week, he seems to be in pain, or if you are concerned, call your pediatrician.

Ok, I am 77 days old baby or 2 month three weeks. So, it's ok to poop rarely.

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