Day 79: Day Seven No Poop Breastfeed Baby

It's the sevent day I do not poop. Dad and mom looking forward eagerly to a moment where I cry because my diaper is full of stools. It turns out my cry due to my usual pee. Everytime I cry dad and mom rush into me just to know whether that cry means a baby stools.

Again, dad worries. And again, this article seems to releive him a bit:

Question: My daughter is one month old, and her pooping schedule has slowed from three or more dirty diapers a day to one every few days to one a week to what we have now, which is a week and a half and counting. She has tons of wet diapers, and lots of stinky gas with sometimes the tiniest bit of poop leaked, but just no real poops. When she does poop, it's a huge amount, and it looks like a typical breastfed baby poop, just lots more of it.

Answer: ...that frequency of poop is not an issue for breastfed babies. Because different babies absorb the nutrients in breastmilk in different ways at different times, going a long time between poops is not necessarily a cause for concern. What you do want to watch out for is the consistency, color, and smell of the poop. If it's still that same brownish-yellowish-orangish-greenish soft or seedy poop, and it has that smell that I always thought was a lot like elementary school paste, you're fine. If it smells really foul (like the baby's sick) and is hard or in nuggets and is black, that's a problem and you should call your doctor. (Green poop can be caused by anything from your eating lots of spinach to having a foremilk-hindmilk imbalance to the baby's having some kind of little cold or virus. It basically means the poop is going quickly through the baby's system, and if it doesn't seem to be accompanied by any other problems it's not a problem in and of itself.)

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