Day 80: Day Eight Breastfed Baby without Poop

It's day 8 I don't poop. Yesterday mom asks gramma when we visit her. She check me out and concluded that I am ok. Nothing to worry about. As far as I am not feeling stomach ache and no cry from my side it's ok. And that's what happen. I feel ok. Mom exclusively breastfeed me everyday. Mom promises to exclusively breastfeed me for six months so it's still three and half month to go.

Well, may be important to note that this no poop thing started when I was 72 days old or 2 months 12 days. I should remember this event. The first even that makes dad and mom so worried about me.

By the way, dad finds a more interesting article which says that a breasfed baby who don't poop for 15 days is ok! Wow! What's a relief if it's true.

3 1/2 month-old breastfed baby hasnt pooped in 5 days?
I am kinda getting worried. she is exclusively breastfed and refuses formula so dont suggest supplementing (for those who would). I called the drs and they said to give her some corn syrup a couple of teaspoons so I did about 3 hrs ago and still nothing. she ahs about 8 wet diapers a day and passes a lot of gas but no poop. should I be worried?? they told me if she doesnt go within the next couple of days to take ehr in, but until then, to keep trying the corn syrup or prune juice.

its normal. my daughter has gone 6-7 days without a bowel movement. Just be ready with extra clothes when it does happen because its gonna be a messy one!

I would NOT give her anything to 'help' her poop, her drs must not be very knowledgeable about breastfeeding, which is no surprise.

Breastmilk is THE perfect food for them, their bodies use most of it so their is little to no waste. no waste=no poop everyday

a breastfed baby can go up to 15 days without pooping

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