Day 84: Serving the Guests

Mom looks so busy today so I try hard not to distract her works. We go buying some vegetables and chicken and other related stuffs because dad requests mom to cook Soto Ayam (chicken soto) to serve our around 10 guests who will come after Isha prayer (around 8 pm). The meet-up is supposed to discuss the plan to found junior and senior high school (MTS / MA) due to open on July this year.

Mom is assisted only by our maid Mbak Muthi'ah. So she needs to work hard to share the time in kitchen and for breastfeeding me. Soto Ayam is a kind of a bit complicated food while it's also the first time for mom to cook it. That's why she's a bit nervous (the recipe is just given by gramma). And dad understands, it seems, if she looks so intense and easy to get angry.

To make this stroy short: the meet-up is successful. So is the soto ayam. All the ten guests seems enjoy the foods mom has cooked and snacks dad has purchased.

In the meanwhile, today I don't poop again. Should I need another ten days to poop? Wait and see. Whatever the outcome, I and probably mom and dad will no longer afraid of ten-days-without-poop thing.

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