Day 85: Mom Taking a Day Off

The "busy" activity mom was doing yesterday makes her feel so tired so much so that she asks dad to take "a day off" i.e. not cooking today. Only cooking rice.

Hence, I, mom and dad this morning go to Kepanjen to buy some food (lauk pauk) in "Warung Udin" restaurant. It locates near BKM Muslimat nursing home and Masjid Baiturrohman. Before going home, dad still remember to take today's newspaper (Jawa Pos and Duta Masyarakat) from newsstand where he subscribe the newspapers from.

Oh, mom also bought some snacks suuch as risol, martabak, etc in Cak Hadi or Toko Zamzam opposite Masjid Salafiyah (old mosque) and we share the snacks with uncle Jafar / aunt Juw too.

Nothing worth to note after that. Dad seems sitting idle in front laptop and sometimes TV accompanying me whenever mom calls him.

In the evening, however, dad plans to teach santris at gramma's house before maghrib. So, we'll go there to Kauman Kepanjen before maghrib. That's the plan

Gramma must be very happy to see her 85 days old grand kid again.

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