Day 86: Pacifier

Today nothing interesting to note. Dad drives me and mom to Kepanjen to buy carpet matress and bakso food.

By the way, dad found a good article in wikipedia on pacifier known in Indonesian as dot as follows:

A pacifier (known as a "dummy" in the United Kingdom) is a rubber, plastic, or silicone nipple given to an infant or other young child to suck upon. In its standard appearance it has a teat, mouth shield, and handle. The mouth shield and/or the handle is large enough to avoid the danger of the child choking on it or swallowing it.

There is a long history of parents giving their children items to suck on in order to comfort them.In the 1800s, the expression "born with a silver spoon in his mouth" could be taken almost literally silver soothers/teethers were often given to babies born to wealth. Other expensive materials were also used, with mother-of-pearl or coral being thought to ward off sickness. Coral was believed to guard against all kinds of evil,[1] and in England in the 17th–19th centuries, a coral meant a teething toy made of coral, ivory or bone, often mounted in silver as the handle of a rattle.[2] A museum curator has suggested that these substances were used as "sympathetic magic"[3] and that the animal bone could symbolise animal strength to help the child cope with pain.

Problems caused by use

If a pacifier is dipped in a sugary substance like syrup or honey (a practice employed by some, and perhaps related to the outdated sugar tit) it may cause dental caries in emerging teeth. Feeding honey to infants is also dangerous due to the risk of botulism.
Infants may use pacifier or thumb or fingers to soothe themselves

Pacifiers have been shown to interfere with breastfeeding, especially if introduced within the first 6 weeks of life.[14][15]

Children who suck pacifiers may be more prone to ear infections (otitis media).[16]

Some older infants may have delayed speech development due to the pacifier's constant presence in their mouths preventing them from practising their speaking skills.

Hmm... I haven't used this pacifier yet. Sometimes when mom is away, I just suck my own right hand for comfort.

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