Day 90: I am Three Months Old Baby

Yay, finally I reach the three months hallmark. I get bigger and look more "mature". Unfortunately, dad aint bring me anywhere today. I expect him to drive me somewhere. Actually dad is going to Kepanjen but mom a bit hesitant to join because it's windy. She's worried of my health. So, I celebrate this 3 month landmark by staying at home with mom.

What a three monsh means for a baby like me? Here's a good article of what I am supposed to or expected to be and what parents that is mom and dad should do:

Your three-month-old’s sleeping and eating patterns become more predictable now. In your three month old's development, you’ll also notice your child discovering new ways to communicate with you and discover the world … touching, feeling and grabbing everything within reach! Offer your baby sensory-stimulating toys, play soothing music, and read about how to understand your baby’s cues as you play together.

How baby plays

* When lying on her stomach, she can begin to lift her head up and prop herself up on her elbows.
* She is interested in faces and recognizes her mother.
* She can hold onto objects and wave them around.
* She does not deliberately reach, but may swipe at objects and if they move, will swipe again.

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