Day 91: Mom is Busy

Celebrating the first day of my 3-months hallmark today is not so comforting at least for mom. She's actually so busy today along with gramma as there'll be another meeting tonight between dad and teaching staff candidates of MTS (madrasah tsanawiyah / MA (madrasah aliyah) Alkhoirot.

Mom wanted to cook for them (12 people) with special foods. He's a bit depressed to the fact I cry a lot today whenever mom leaves me. I myself wonder why. So, as usual dad finds an article on how to deal with a crying baby like me:

When baby cries
One of the toughest decisions you may face will be about crying. Most experts recommend soothing those cries as soon as possible–at least during your baby's first few months. It's virtually impossible to spoil your new infant–hold and snuggle him continually. Coo with baby, too! As you watch baby grow and see how capable he is of entertaining himself, remember baby can use those same skills to calm himself when a crying spell occurs. If baby isn't able to calm himself, use toys, books, or music to comfort him rather than picking him up. Or direct his attention to his crib's mirror; it may distract him enough to calm him down.

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