Day 94: the Mom Assistant is Back

I forget to let you know that we have a domestic helper who assist mom cleaning up the house, cooking, and washing our clothes. Yes, my clothes and mom & dad clothes. Her name is Muthi'ah or Mutiah.

In the last three days she's been not feeling well. She's sick. So, mom works alone assisted by dad.

This morning is good news. She's been cured. And she's coming back to us to assist mom doing manything we can't do ourselves.

Thanks God for giving her health back.

By the way, Dad finds a good article on how to comfort a crying baby, yep, that's me:

Comforting your baby
- Sucking - whether at your breast, a bottle, baby's own fingers, thumb or a dummy, sucking is always comforting
- Carry your baby close - snuggle him close to you in a baby carrier or sling
- Massage - gentle stroking and massage of all kinds can help calm your baby, but don't massage his tummy before he's four weeks old, miss out his spine and avoid nut-based oils such as almond oil
- Music - rhythmic sounds or music can help comfort newborns and even the droning sound made by a washing machine or vacuum cleaner help soothe some babies
- Movement - rock him in your arms or a cradle, or push your baby in his pram
- Fresh air - get out and about because even if the crying doesn't stop, it won't seem quite so bad outdoors
- Wind - some babies feel better after they've had a chance to bring up some wind, so try placing your baby in an upright position against your shoulder and patting his back gently
- Bath - a warm bath can instantly calm some babies, but be aware it can have the opposite effect
- Take your baby into a quieter room and soothe him by gentle cuddles and soft singing

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