Day 95: Sunday Night Little Trip

We stay all day at home since dad has teaching duty all day. At 1 pm he teaches the Tsanawiyah diniyah students while at 4 pm he delivers a sort of general lecture at the al-madinah mosque to all students and teaching staffs alike.

So, I and mom stay at home. Mom busily breasfeeds me and calm me down whenever I show a little fussiness and/or change my diaper whenever it wets and makes me uncomfortable with it. Mom also kills the time by reading book on Fiqih Wanita and watching book every now and then.

After maghrib (6 pm) however, dad asks us to have a little trip to Kepanjen buying martabak in front of Kantor Kabupaten, new clothes for me and sarung for dad in Sri nDadari store.

We go home right away after that and we sleep all night after mom and dad read a book for a while and watch tv.

Dad finds out an article on what three months old baby like me is capable:

Eye-Hand Coordination

  • Eyes can follow a moving object held about six inches above her face vertically and in a circular pattern. She can see objects 15 to 20 feet away.

  • Hands open most of the time. Voluntarily shakes and holds a rattle. Grabs onto your clothing and hair.

  • Looks at her hand held in front of her face. Enjoys watching her fingers move. Grabs one hand with other one. Sucks on fist.

  • Swings at and reaches for dangling objects. Likes to feel different textures of objects.

  • Explores her own face, eyes and mouth with her hand.

  • Loses interest in mobiles if they're beyond her reach.

Thinking Skills

  • Turns head and eyes together toward an interesting sound.

  • Quiets and stops sucking to listen intently to a variety of sounds. Prefers the human voice to other sounds.
  • Coos and gurgles with vowel sounds "ah, eh, oh" in response to what he sees, hears and feels inside his body.

  • Begins to suck at sight of breast or bottle, anticipating feeding.

  • Becomes excited in anticipation of a regular activity like bath time. Begins to enjoy bath time.

  • Soothes and relaxes himself by sucking on hands.

  • Startles and looks surprised at a sudden loud noise.

  • More visually alert when sitting upright. Beginning to associate lying down with sleeping.

  • Imitates your exaggerated facial expressions.

  • Stares at himself in mirror.

  • May become distracted during feeding by watching other people and activity in room or even just by hearing mother talk.

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