Baby Massages Video

Day 140 / 4 months 3 weeks a Blogging Baby

Getting massages will make a tired baby like me --who just done a 400 km trip to another province -- is obviously the need of the hour.

That's exactly why mom and dad brought me yesterday to Kauman Kepanjen where Mak Yah Singosari happens to be there. She's expert in massaging baby like me.

That's said, I was crying outloud during the massaging process. Probably the loudest and longest cry I've ever done.

After that, however, the pain and tiring I felt were amazingly gone. Baby expert says "massaging your baby is beneficial on many levels including relaxing your baby, helping to reduce crying while improving the immune system."

If you're curious to hear how I cry, watch the video below. Mom and aunts (mom sisters) says I have the loudest cry among my cousins.