Mom's Fasting Distracts My Appetite

Day 141 / 4 months 3 weeks and 1 day of a Blogging Baby

Yesterday mom did fasting to change the Ramadan fast she did not do for the sake of her would be baby that's me. In total, mom didn't fast for about 17 days. She should do fast in exchange of those day in other months.

That's why starting from yesterday mom does the first fasting. It goes well in the morning to me. In the afternoon, however, it took affect a little bit: mom's breastmilk tasted not so good to me.

That distracts my appetite. I a bit fussy due to that stuff. As a pure breastfed baby who drinks and eats from and relies heavily on mom's beastfeeding, this distraction really matters.

I cried. Dad and mom brought me to some other places nearby to lure me as to not cry. We went to Kepanjen before noon and to Gondanglegi in the afternoon. Mom bought some food and cuisine for fast-breaker.

At around 5.30 pm mom broke her fast and the good taste of her breastmilk returning to normal again.

I am glad today she's not fasting. She plan to do fast once every two days.