Day 119: Learning with Four Month Old Baby

Dad and mom seems eager to learn a lot about me and my behaviour especially when I reach four month hallmark tomorrow.

What they really want to know is what are things that they need to do to help me grow in normal or even faster pace as a four months old baby.

After searching for a good article, I found one which may help dad and mom help me as they expected me to be.

Here's a good info that dad and mom need to know:

* A four-month-old baby is interested in people and recognizes those who are familiar to him.
* He squirms with excitement, squeals and laughs.
* He watches his hands.
* His hands are now usually open and he clasps his hand around objects that he touches.
* Coordinating looking and reaching is difficult, but he can manage if he gets a lot of help from you.

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