Four Months Old Baby (Day 120)

Okey, so here I am a four months old baby now. As you may know, I was born on February 4, 2009 four months ago.

I am so happy that I am able to reach this milestone with relatively very smooth way. My life is good. Dad and mom love me so much. Gramma (mom's mother) loves me too. Uncles, aunts and cousins both from dad and mom's side all are congenial to me.

What else I expect? Nothing more perfect than to live surrounded by people who love you a lot.

Mom told me that many babies are not as fortunate as I am. Some of them are being killed by their parents because their presence are unwanted. Some of them are simply live under impoverished parents which make them not well nourished.

My Dad and mom are not coming from rich family. That's said they have enough to feed me and to arrange my further education later. That's more than enough. And I am thankful to Almight Allah for whatever blessing God gives me through the love of my mother and my father. God bless them all.