Four Months and a Day

121 Days Baby

Dad seems happy to read this statement: "When your baby reaches the age of four months, things will really start to happen fast. He is growing and learning about his world. He is interested in everything he sees or hears. He is reaching for things and putting them in her mouth. This is how he learns about them."

Well, the quotation is right. The time I reach the four months milestone yesterday I just could not resist doing all things mentioned above.

That makes dad and mom alarm and caution grow too. They just can't leave me alone.

Here's the continuation of the above article:

When she is feeding, she stops and plays with your clothes, or she looks at other people in the room.

She may try to roll over. The more she tries, the better she can do it.

She smiles when she sees her parents and other people who care for her. She may frown when she sees strangers. She babbles. She tries to imitate your words as she makes sounds.

She may start sleeping at night for longer and longer periods of time. She will love it when you sit on the floor and play with her. You can have a lot of fun with your baby at this age.

The more you help her explore, the more she will reward you with smiles, happy sounds and love. You can help her by playing with her, singing to her and talking to her. Enjoy your baby as she grows and develops!