Four Months Baby Video

121 days baby diary:

In celebrating my four months old milestone, dad does it simply by making a simple video of me staying in bed and staring at the camera.

Actually when recording the video dad and mom wanted me to smile or do a funny act. But I don't know why, I am just not in the mood at the time.

Dad and mom think may be I am a little tired or just sleepy. The truth is I have no idea the reason. Baby like me just as moody as any grown-up can be, you know. You may smile or quiet for no real reason.

Well, to make it short, here's the video of a four month old baby in action. Not so good a video to be honest (dad says so), but enough to make me remembering the day when I open up this post later in my six or so years of age. I wish I can fast-forward the time.