Going To Kauman Kepanjen

128 Days Baby. 4 months 1 week 2 days.
It's Saturday actually we're not supposed to go to Kauman (gramma's house) again. But mom needs to go there to take her jamu (traditional medicine) outthere.

As the place so near with gramma's house, we visit gramma first and ask cousin Tajul Anwar to buy the jamu.

The jamu is called gejah. It's specifically consumed by a mother who just give birth to a baby. As far as mom is concerned, the baby is me.

In Javanese tradition, there are some rules after a mother delivering a child to keep her fit and healthy. One of those are to drink jamu, to wear a certain wide belt to make her stomach back to its previous form etc.

Mom does all that.

A mother also is supposed to dedicate her full time to her newborn kid. Ideally she should breastfeed her kid exclusively for six months. And mom promises me to do just that. After six months mom will still breastfeeds me. The difference is it's no longer exclusive meaning I'll be allowed to eat solid food as well.

Two months to go to do just that. Just curious what cereal and porridge taste look like.