Kudus Trip Photos

Day 138 of a Blogging Baby

Many interesting photos that we have and took during our trip to Kudus from the day we start the journey, during the stay in Kudus and on the way home from Kudus.

I'll post the photos from post to post so that it will not slow your server to load it.

Besides, posting all photos at once needs too much time and I am not just as patient as you in posting large photos into a blog.

So, you may take a look at some photos of me, a little baby who has made a "big journey" of 400 km away from home.

Photos of Baby's Trip to Kudus Jateng 21 - 22 June 2009.

Photo 1 and 2: I sleep in the car on the way to Kudus.

Photo 3: We take a rest on Jatim - Jateng (East Java - Central Java)'s border. We're doing prayer with Jama's taqdim (Dhuhur and Ashr) method [1], and having a meal in the Pantura Ria restaurant

Photo 4: We stay at a hotel Sallimna in downtown Kudus at Jl. Subchan 36 (Thanks to uncle Fais / Faisol Al Farokhi, for guiding us to this place)

Photo 5: A street sign in Kudus