In Kudus Day Two

Day 137 of a Blogging Baby

Update: The photos of Kudus trip can be found in these links:

1. Kudus Trip Photos 1
2. Kudus Trip Photos 2

It's day two we are in Kudus Jawa Tengah (jateng).

We arrive in Kudus at mbah Kustiyani Zawawi (dad and mom call her Bulek Kustiyani) at about 5 pm. Needs time to find her home as uncle Luthfi, the guide, just confused and "gone astray" himself.

At night we stay at Sallimna hotel located in Jalan H. Subchan Kudus. The price for 3 bedroom is IDR 75,000 (usd 7 ). It's a cheap with tv set and a fan but no AC.

We visit the famous Menara Kudus, the headquarter of Sunan Kudus one of the great walisongo (nine saints) who spread Islam and convert almost all Javanese (the majority of Indonesians) into Islam within a short span of time and with a very peaceful way; the way of sufism.

In the morning we also visit warung Pindang Ayam a restaurant with unique cuisine typically Kudus.

After the wedding ceremony, we visit mbah Sirajuddin (mom's uncle from her dad's side) who are seriously ill and accompanied only by his wife. We also visit mom's cousin Ma'ruf and Ida from mbah Zawawi.

The photos of all these happening will be posted later.