Going to Kudus

Day 136 of a Blogging Baby
A trip to Kudus Jateng Day One:

Finally we are on the way to Kudus Jawa Tengah (central java) which is roughly 400 km away from my home (Karangsuko, Pagelaran, Malang).

Starting from around 7 in the morning I, dad, mom along with uncle Lutfi and Bu Luha of Kepanjen with Pak Saleh as driver proceed over to a trip I've never been before.

I and mom enjoy the trip enjoying every bit of it. Looking out of the window watching so many vehicles on the wayside and many more.

Dad looks casual as usual. I don't know for sure if he enjoys the trip like we do or not.

He seems busy talking with Pak Saleh the driver.

Oh btw, my age now four months two weeks three days according to lilypie.com's report dad puts on my blog.