One Day Away from Kudus Trip

135 Days Old Baby is blogging

Today there's a problem with the internet connection in my house. So I can't write anything from the comfort of my 'there-is-nothing-like-home'.

I used a Speedy internet connection belong to a state owned company PT TELKOM. It's fast, the problem is it's rely too much on landline phone cable so when the cable is stolen like the case now, the connection becomes a luxury for the users.

It's a day away from making a long journey to Kudus a place of pabrik rokok kretek Djarum (Djarum clove cigarette company) which is headquartered in Kudus, a place around 400 km from my place.

Wish me luck for my journey tomorrow.

Making a 400 km journey for a four month two weeks baby like me certainly make not only me who are worried, dad and mom are also worried.