Kudus Trip Two Days to Go

134 Days Old Baby is blogging:

Well, it's Friday. A good Friday. Mom starts getting busier preparing everything so that when the D-day to go to Kudus Jateng, that's Sunday, comes we can go without anything left or forgotten.

Mom seems excited with the plan, while dad seems casual and even not as excited as mom does. Probably even the opposite. Dad like making trip alone without any crowd or other people involved. This journey however will be with uncle Luthfi and mom's neighbor. Also, on returning home, there are additional two persons: aunt Suffah and gramma. So, dad seem unable to enjoy such kind of trip.

In the morning we went shopping to Indomaret Kepanjen and also to Kepanjen's market buying vegetables and other daily needs.

Nothing important in the afternoon and everning except that mom and dad don't like the way I behave today. I can understand that they could'nt understand why I cry often without any obvious reasons. There are times when I desperately wanted to explain to them but I am forced to keep quiet as the ability of talking still elude me.

May be next year when I am a year and half old baby I'll be able to speak and will be able to tell parents the reasons of any unpleasant behavour that I am doing that make them unhappy.

Oh one more thing, dad just book the hotel in Kudus for our stay at Sunday and Monday.