Pak Nyoto Aftermath

125 Days Baby

A day after we arrived home from Pak Nyoto Tulungagung yesterday along with other people including Bik Luthfiyah Syuhud, gramma Hj. Khairiyah Kauman Kepanjen, Bu Anis Sulala and mbak Muti'ah (our maid and babysitter) and Haji Ali Mansyur (driver) and of course dad and mom come alsong.

It took a few hours for Pak Nyoto to give therapy to all of us with all kinds of diseases. Haji Ali with his diabetes, Bu Anis Sulala (Pak Yasin's wife) with her wish to have a baby, Mother with her pooping problem (twice or once a week), Aunt Luthfiyah Syuhud with her nerve and eyes and dad who wants his plus eyes get cured.

But Pak Nyoto is a therapist with a good speaking skills. During therapy process he keeps talking and telling stories with good behaviour and making everyone impressed. His patient and cool manner make all his patient feel assured and calm too.

You may watch his way of giving therapy in a video here (when he was giving therapy to me).

A photo before going to Pak Nyoto Tulungagung