Therapy at Pak Nyoto Tulungagung House

Day 124 Baby

It turns out that Mom wanted me to get therapy as well. As I said yesterday that I was the only one who will not get therapy from Pak Nyoto. But mom changes her mind and she wants me to be checked / diagnosed by and get therapy from Pak Nyoto. Dad unfortunately agree with mom.

Mom thinks if Pak Nyoto can cure and remove my lump on the left neck, he must be capable of curing my other problem as well. I haven't told you yet, that my hand and palm of hand and sole of foot are always wet. We call it 'paru-paru basah' literally means wet lung (desease). I don't know if it really means what it's said.

In short, Pak Nyoto gives me the therapy by massaging some part of my body. It's not painful, nevertheless I cry outloud. Here's the video for you to watch:

Amazingly, my wet hand palm and foot sole no longer wet after being 'touched' by Pak Nyoto's hand! Well, they're sometimes still wet but not as much as before. I hope they will get cured entirely after a few days or months.