To Go to Pak Nyoto Tulungagung Again

123 Days Old Baby

We plan to go to Pak Nyoto Tulungagung again tomorrow. If you don't know him, you may read about this in my previous posting on him.

I forgot to tell you that after doing treatment by Pak Nyoto, the lump in my neck is really gone! My mom prayer has really been heard. Now I can turn my neck on the left and right freely as any baby can be.

The plan this time to go to Pak Nyoto again is not for treating me. We bring more people outthere: Aunt Luthfiyah Syuhud, Mom, Gramma, bu Anis Sulala (Pak Yasin's wife, our neighbor), Haji Aliman Imron (who aslo will drive the car) and our new baby sitter, Mbak Muti'ah) will come along

All, except me will check up their health to Pak Nyoto. As I said, he's expert in alternative medication. And I have been one of his patient who has been treated well. Had it been for his treatment, the lump in my nect would have been operated to remove it.

I'll write about it again tomorrow after coming back from there.