Baby Photo with Cousin: Kak Mahbub

I am a 173 days / 5 months 3 weeks 2 day old baby
Baby Photo with Cousin series, part of Madura trip photos

Kak Mahbub is the son of man Afif (KH Afif Toha) and bik Faizah (Faizah Syuhud, dad's sister) Pondok Pesantren Sumber Gayam, Larangan, Pamekasan Madura.

He's my cousin and the elder brother of mbak Cici.

He's 14 years of age now. If you see his body a bit smaller than he's supposed to be it's because he's physically and mentally challenged person.

We feel sorry for him. And he should feel proud of his parents who take care of him passionately for all these years and in the years to come.

These are the photos of me with Kak Mahbub