Baby Photo with Cousin: Mbak Cici

I am a 172 days / 5 months 3 weeks 1 day old baby
Baby Photo with Cousin series, part of Madura trip photos

I make a full use of my trip to Madura to be closer to my cousins who reside in Madura island (mostly in Pamekasan regency).

The photo below is my picture with my cousin mbak (sis) Cici alias Qotrul Ghaits. She's very beautiful and is just studying in first grade (?) school nearby.

She's about six or seven years of age. A bit reticent girl, but can be laughing out loud when she's near her friends of her age.

She's the daughter of man Afif (KH Afif, Sumbergayam, Larangan, Pamekasan) and bik Faizah (dad's sister).

Photo with my cousins series: With Mbak Cici Afif Pondok Pesantren Sumber Gayam, Larangan, pamekasan Madura