Madura Trip Photos

I am a 172 days / 5 months 3 weeks 1 day old baby

As promised, I'll publish some photos from my Madura trip.

The photos should be more interesting if we could take photos in Jembatan Suramadu. Unfortunately, we could not.

So, dad takes Jembatan Suramadu photo from the car. The result of course is not so impressive.

That's said, this trip is unforgetable since it's the first time in my lifetime (of five month) to visit Madura, the island of my grandfather Syuhud (KH Syuhud Zayyadi).

Photos / Pictures / Images of Madura Trip.

Picture no.1. The famous Jembatan Suramadu that bridges Madura island and Surabaya the capital city of East Java

Picture no.2. Api Tak Kunjung Padam, one of tourism destination in Pamekasan Madura.