Baby Roll Over

I am a 168 days / 5 months 2 weeks 4 days old baby

Rolling Over is just like tummy time. Only it's more dynamic, so to speak.

As a bit fat baby, I think it's understandable if in this age of five month & two weeks I am still unable to roll over like other babies my age.

Dad find a good tips in where's there are six steps to teach me to enjoy rolling over.

Here's how:

1. Place your baby on the floor for tummy time daily.
2. Lie down or sit directly in front of your baby so she can see you during her tummy time.
3. Begin sitting next to your baby as he gains strength. Talk to him or use a rattle or bells to get his attention. He will look for you and turn his head to see you.
4. Gradually sit farther back so eventually you will sit just to the side of your baby’s feet.
5. Eventually your baby will turn her head far enough to accidentally roll over from her tummy to her back.
6. Continue this routine every day, and your baby will strengthen the necessary muscles to roll over on his own and at his own will.