Going to Madura

I am a 169 days / 5 months 2 weeks 5 days old baby

As a blogging baby I am a very busy newborn. As I blog everyday, I also deserve "the most prolific newborn baby" awards.

Dad asks me to write everything and I do what he asks for. It's a job I enjoy doing.

I hope I can write more eloquent articles later when I have come of age at least when I have entered first and second grade and mastering more English vocabularies.

As a non-native speaker in English, I also wish dad would teach me more when I am a 4 year old baby.

Well, speaking of Madura, tomorrow for the first time I'll go there with mom and dad

There must be many interesting thing to see.

Suramadu bridge which connect Surabaya and Madura island and which was just inaugurated for public use on early July 2009 by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

I'll also meet my cousins, daughters and sons of aunt Husna and Faizah. All are six persons.

I'll also see the place where my grandfather (from dad), KH Syuhud Zayyadi was born and grew up.

And many more. I'll write you later.

Oh by the way, dad and mom just teach me more regularly how to do a tummy time, rolling over and a bit of baby crawling. It's nice and fun.