Madura Trip Day 1

I am a 170 days / 5 months 2 weeks 6 days old baby

Around 9.30 am we leave Karangsuko to Madura.

As always, traffic jam occurs in Sidoarjo, near the infamous Lapindo Brantas "lake of gas liquid."

The traffic jam, unfortunately, doesn't take too long. And we finally are passing the famous Jembatan Suramadu bridge which has 5.5 km / 3 mile length, the longest bridge in Indonesia.

We arrive in bik Faizah's house kecamatan Larangan, Pamekasan at around 2.30. Still enough time to have a launch and take a shower.

Around 3 pm we go to desa Madu Kawan where mbah Salim (dad calls him Man or uncle Salim) was buried. The tahlilan ceremony is just begun and we follow the crowd reciting the ritual of sixth days of mbah Salim's death.

Tahlil ceremony finish. Dad is chatting for a few minutes with his cousins including the host man Abduh (KH. Abdus Salam), dad's cousin who inherits Pesantren Madu Kawan.

Around 5 pm we come back to bik Faizah house. Dad doesn't like chic chat too much.

Watching TV and a light chit chat with bik Faizah before we finally go to bed. We plan to back home tomorrow morning.

One more thing, we plan to go to Api Tak Kunjung Padam (The Fire that Never Off) in Pamekasan and to Sunan Ampel Surabaya tomorrow on the way home.