Bro Helmi Goes to Madura

Wednesday, Day 147 / 4 months 4 weeks old baby who is blogging his daily notes on himself here. Today, the Telkom cable that enable the Speedy connection is stolen once again. Dad, mom and I cannot connect to internet in my house. It's the third occurrence in two weeks!

Kak Helmi[1] my cousin and his parent that is Man Ali[2] and Bik Luth[2] go to Madura today to attend Bik Juwairiyah's brother's wedding party.

May be Kak Helmi just want to see the Jembatan Suramadu too.

Jembatan Suramadu is the longest bridge in Indonesia with around 5.5 km long connecting Surabaya and Madura island the place where my dad's forefather belongs.

I and mom actually plan to stay at gramma's house tonight. But Bik Luth and Man Ali's trip to Madura prevent mom to do that. She's the only grown-up women in our big family in Karangsuko. She's to stay here if everyone goes.

Dad is excited to hear that. He's happy that mom has the sense of responsibility to keep the big house under everyone guardianship.
[1] "Kak" means elder brother. Uncommon term in English
[2] "Man" stands for uncle.
[3] "Bik" or bulik, or bude stands for aunt in Javanese.