Bringing Gramma to Doctor Andi Nashrullah

Friday, Day 148 / 4 months 4 weeks 1 day old baby

This morning kholah Suva suddenly calls mom saying that gramma needs to go to Dokter Andi Nasrullah Malang. It's the second day without Speedy connection -- the stolen Telkom cable has yet to be fixed may be the Telkom employees feel so tired to see the cable stolen in night just after they repace the new one in the day. We again have to go online via warnet (internet cafe)

Gramma needs dad and mom to bring her there.

So, we all go to Malang in the morning (around 6.30 am).

Doctor Andi is gramma's favorite doctor. She's not feeling sure and secure if she's treated by any doctor other than Dokter Andi.

Dokter Andi is a Chinese Indonesia. From his last name, Nashrullah, you'll be guessing that he has converted to Islam. You 're right.

He's a Muslim. Nevertheless, his patients are from various backgrounds from Pak Haji to Chinese Indonesians all come in flock and in long queue every morning.

Wish gramma's well soon. Amen.

Some photos of doctor Andi Nashrullah's office

Soto Lamongan in Oro-oro Dowo where we always eating out whenever we are in downtown Malang