Telkomsel Halo Pasca Bayar Unlimited

Day 149 / 4 months 4 weeks 2 days old baby

Today the internet situation is precisely like yesterday and before yesterday that is no connection. The Telkom Speedy employee still not fix the problem yet.

As the occurrence happens repeatedly within these two weeks which distract dad's activity a lot, he finally decides to register for another internet connection.

After some survey he decides to use Telkomsel Kartu Halo Pascabayar (postpaid). He goes to Grapari Telkomsel in Kepanjen to sign-up and purchase the card. It will cost only IDR 120,000 / month or around USD 12 dollar. It's cheap and more important it's unlimited. The speed is 225 kbps for the lowest package. The highest is upto 1 mbps which you can change to it after one month activation.

The connection will be active after the surveyor come to our house to make sure if the address dad has given is true.

If anything goes well, the connection will be started on Monday.

From that on, I think dad will no longer push the panic button everytime the Speedy connection interrupted by the telkom cable thief. Dad will still keep the Speedy connection unless the distraction happen so often.

Oh one more thing, five days from now, I'll be five month old baby. Another important landmark for me.