Cousin Photos (1)

I am a 167 days / 5 months 2 weeks 3 days old baby

From Dad side, my cousins mostly are the grown-ups. Some of them such as Kak Imdad and Kak Iqbal and Mbak Rohma are doing their study at university. Some like Kak Mamat and Mbak Mamnuha and Mbak Ela are at high school.

My cousins from mom's side, however, are relatively as young as me. The oldest is Mas Tajul and Mas Syidan who are at Fourth and Fifth grade.

Some like Mas Kia, Mas Najah, Mbak A'yun, Mas Farel and Mbak Zahrah are almost of my age. These are photos of my cousins from mom's side

From Top: (1) Mbak Zahrah, (2) Mbak A'yun, (3) Mas Najah, (4)(Clockwise, Mas Kia, Mas Tajul, Mas Syidan); the two grown-up people are uncle Luthfi and Mas Gun; (5) Mas Farel.