Tummy Time, Baby!

I am a 167 days / 5 months 2 weeks 3 days old baby

Dad is a bit concerned -- he's always concerned on everything to do with me -- about me not able to roll over until lying on my belly or sit up or do a tummy time (Indonesian, tengkurap) unassisted on my own. Mom though a bit more calm than dad thinks that every baby is unique and cannot be compared with other babies to some extent.

My six months of age is just a week away and I still could not do all those mentioned on my own. Do dad and mom need to worry? Do I myself need to concerned about this?

Tummy Time

First off, is tummy time such important for a five month 2 weeks like me?

Yes, says an expert. Putting baby on his belly for a few minutes every day is necessary-- it makes him stronger and improves his coordination.

"Introduce your baby to tummy time around the 3- to 4-month mark. At this point, she has better neck strength and control, so she's able to lift and turn her head while lying down. Start by placing her on a blanket on the floor and giving her several five- to ten-minute sessions each day. By about 4 months, your baby should be able to lift her chest off the floor and lean on her elbows with her head upright. She may even be able to lift her arms off the floor, arch her back, and kick her feet. As your baby stretches and pushes on the floor, she may accidentally lean to one side, fall over, and roll from her belly onto her back. Don't worry; that's normal. At 5 or 6 months, she will begin to pivot on her belly and use her arms to reach in front of her or to the sides."[1]

I, like some other babies, don't like tummy time so much. But dad and mom got other ways to make me enjoy the act:

If your baby protests tummy time, try several brief (one- to two-minute) stints a day, gradually working up to longer belly sessions. He might also tolerate — or even enjoy! — his playtime more if you:

* Get down on the floor with him, face to face, and talk to him.
* Place an unbreakable mirror in front of him so he can see his own fascinating face.
* Tempt him with enticing toys.
* Prop him up by placing a nursing pillow (or other firm cushion) under his chest and arms.
* Place him on your own tummy while you lie on your back (but watch out for drool!).[2]

Watch Video I am doing a Tummy Time with the help of mom. The video taken when I was five month old


Tummy time when I was a six month old baby

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