Eating Solid Food the First Time

163 days / 5 months 1 weeks 6 days old baby

Still at gramma's house from last night till today.

In the morning I feel uncomfortable eating and drinking mom's breastmilk may be the medicine / drugs mom consumes since yesterday affect the taste of momn's breast milk. I cry a lot.

That forces gramma to give me an alternative food that is banana.

Mom actually want me to eat solid food after I reach six months of age which is 15 days from now.

By the way, dad at Karangsuko's house since the morning till afternoon because he has once a month meeting this Friday between 2 to 3.30 pm.

He just comes around 4.30 because there's two guesses he has to serve that is Haji Abdurrahman (formerly Rusih) and Pak Mukhlis.