At Kepanjen with Dad and Mom

162 days / 5 months 1 weeks 5 days old baby

I have many activities today. First, we are (me, dad, mom and gramma) going to downtown Malang to Jalan Nusakambangan where Doctor Andi Ansharullah treat his patients.

This time it's mom who needs to be treated for her stomach ache.

Well, mom suffers the stomach disorder (maag in Indonesia, indigestion in English?)since long time. The lasting ache in her stomach got better for a few months but now come again.

After that we go to Soto Ayam Lamongan in Oro-oro Dowo. And then go further to Pasar Besar Malang.

We arrive home (I mean, Kepanjen) afternoon. A bit tired and I cry a lot for the distracted sleep today.

Last but not the least, dad tonight will sleep at Kauman Kepanjen. An unusual thing. And the reason is not unusual, the Telkom Speedy internet outage and Telkomsel Flash which is working only in Kepanjen, in gramma's house.

Mom seems happy with that.