Telkom Speedy Internet is Dead Again

161 days / 5 Months 1 Week and 4 days old baby

Telkom Speedy internet connection is dead again today after it's alive for only six days. The reason is the same: landline telephone cable from which Speedy Internet is connected is stolen (again).

This freaks dad out. The thief is just did not want to give him time to enjoy the Speedy internet connection. I think, the thief just don't care he enjoys what he's doing. That's all.

Speaking of Telkom, the company that runs the Speedy internet, I wonder what they think: don't they have the solution for this repeated cable theft? Are they so stupid so as to don't think or cannot think what to do with this kind of repeated problem?

Oopss, sorry. As a baby I should not say what a grown-up people say. May be I am too emotional right now seeing dad's frustration over this never ending problem.

Telkomsel Flash

By the way, I go online this time using Telkomsel Flash unlimited package.

Although Telkomsel Flash connection is good, I need to go to Kauman Kepanjen to Gramma's house so that I can be close to Telkomsel BTS (tower) without which the satellite signal will be weak (when I am at home) and I just could not connect to internet using Telkomsel flash.

As I wrote here I need to go to gramma's house everytime I want to connect to Telkomsel Flash.

The Telkomsel Flash connection is not working so well in our home. Our home location is too far away from Telkomsel BTS (Base Transceiver Station) that is 3 km to the east (Telkomsel BTS Gondanglegi), or 7 km (Telkomsel BTS Kepanjen).

That distance (3 km, correction, it's about 4km) is too far according to Telkomsel employee to catch 3G signal.

The connection catch 3G/HSDPA signal only occasionally. Oftentimes, it's only catch GPRS signal. Meanwhile, the device ie the modem will be automatically looking for the better signal from GPRS to 3G but will automatically go down also from 3G to GPRS without notice. In the process, the connection will be disconnected. It creates another problem in itself.

In short dad needs a place which is very close to Telkomsel BTS. And where else the most ideal avenue for that other than grama's house?