Five Months One Week Two Days Old Baby

159 days / 5 Months 1 Week and 2 days old baby

I am confused to find a good title as today there's no activities at all on my part.

The reason is mom suffers a stomach ache and that prevents her from going anywhere. Actually she wanted to go with dad to Kepanjen to buy something to do with food in Warung Udin.

I therefore just lying in front of TV set with mom who breastfeeds me whenever I give a hint of thirsty or hungry.

Speaking of breastfeeding, time has become closer for me to the six months hallmark where I'll be no longer exclusively a breastfed baby.

A modern baby, says mom, has to be exclusively breastfeed for six month (unlike old days like mom and dad who's just breastfed for four month).

I dont know what it look like whenever the time comes for me to drink and eat something other than mother's breast milk.

Looking forward to that moment nevertheless.