Got Flu and Massage from Pak Giman (Video)

158 Days / 5 Months 1 week 1 day old baby

Since a few days I feel not so good: got fever and flu.

Dad insists to bring me to pediatrician. Mom however disagrees. She says, "We should not bring kid to doctor before 24 hours," dad relents.

Mom finally decides to bring me to a masseur to get massage.

The masseur named Pak Giman (Mr. Giman) is well known among our big family. He resides in desa Ngipik Kanigoro around 3 km south of our home. We go there with Pak Saiful as a guide.

The massage a bit painful to me and that's why I cried all along. It feels so good, however, after the massage was finished. Pak Giman advises dad and mom to bring me to him once a week.

Dad wonders if bringing a five month old baby to masseur once a week is a good idea from modern medication point of view.

I fall asleep until we arrive home. Thanks Pak Giman for making me feel better.

Watch the Video when I got massage from pak Giman