Mbah Haji Fatima Dies

157 Days / 5 Months 1 week old baby

Dad's gramma's cousin (my grand grand mother) named Haji Fatimah -- they call her Mbah Kaji Patemma -- is dead today. She's my buyut (javenese means grand grand-mother.

She dies in the age of about 80 years. We all went to her family to show our sympathy and as a part of our tradition to visit each other in such occasion.

Those who went with us including Uncle Hamid and wife (aunt Luthfiyah, we call her aunt Fia), uncle Ali and aunt Luthfiyah (dad's elder sister), uncle Jafar (dad's younger brother), dad, mom and me.

Apart from Hari Raya Lebaran Idul Fitri (Idul Fitr festivity), we use someone's dead as a way to communicate (silaturrahim) among each other. To visit one's distance family getting closer.

We have many tradition that we keep it intact as far as this goes well from religious point of view, among which are reciting some dzikr for seven days of one's dead. We call it tahlilan literally means reciting La ilaha illa Allah but actually we read many recitation which are taken from the holy Quran and Hadith.

Some Indonesian muslims, like those from Muhammadiyah muslim organisation, disagree with this tradition while NU muslim, like us, thinks nothing wrong with it.

I don't know which one is right. I am just a five month old baby who are struggling to move. May be more grown-up people care to give opinion?