Telkom Speedy is Back

156 days / Five months 6 days old baby

Since yesterday Telkom Speedy is back online after around two weeks off.

The stolen landline telephone cable, from which Telkom Speedy connection is relied on, has been replaced. That's said, we all are worried that the thief will do the same act again tonight or day after. I hope the police will catch the cable thief so that all landline telephone users and internet speedy customers feel secure.

Dad is happy. Mom is happy. I am of course happy too because I can write in this blog again.

Though I am just still a five months old baby, writing on the blog everyday is like an unleavable routine to me.

I feel strange when I don't write about something for a day. Am I an internet addict?

I don't know for sure. What I know for sure is writing is a good thing. Writing everyday is even better.

If doing a good thing is called internet addict, which implies to something negative, I just don't care.

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