Baby Blogger Indonesia


Baby Blogger Indonesia

I am a 182 days / 6 months & 2 days old baby

Had it been a baby blogger community in Indonesia or in the world, I would have certainly joined such groups.

I've been blogging regularly for six months now, so I think I deserve to be called Blogger Indonesia Cilik or Indonesian Baby Blogger.

If you're a baby like me and have been blogging, I'd request you to be part of this effort to establish a baby community in the blogging world.

Blogger Baby Community, you may call it. Or whatever you like it. The important thing is that this kind of community is necessary to "protect" us from any draconian law that try to discourage grown-up people from expressing their free speech rights.

We as a baby need to reaffirm that we have the right to talk and write whatever we want so far as we abide by the law. What do you think?

Watch the video of me doing "performance" on the bed. I hope every baby blogger show their video presentation and tell me the link. I'd certainly visit you.